About us

Celesta is a manufacturer company of ceilings systems, metal profiles and acoustic tiles for removable ceilings present in Latin America, the Caribbean, the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Celesta has a wide presence in different regions which allows us to have excellent geographical coverage and allows us to offer our products and services to a greater number of potential customers through a vast number of regional distributors are testimony of the outstanding quality of Celesta products.

Celesta standards comply with the requirements of the most demanding markets and industries. This ensures the safety and reliability of our ceiling systems, which translates into resistant and durable metal suspension systems and accessories, capable of achieving the acoustical and fire regulations. 

Commercial Ceilings

Mineral Fiber Ceilings for offices, shopping malls, hospitals and public spaces

Acoustic panels make it possible to significantly reduce noise in interior spaces, offices, public spaces and commercial architecture; resulting in a more comfortable and pleasant environment for the people who inhabit it. 

In addition, our ceiling tiles are highly recomended for acoustical purposes. 

Our Mineral Fiber Tiles reach high levels of acoustic absorption according to American and European standards.

Suspension Systems

T-Grid Profiles 

Celesta T24 metal profiles are made in galvanized steel with standard lengths of 3,600; 3,000; 1,200 or 600 mm and a width of 24 mm.

Celesta T24 metal profiles are compatible with a wide variety of removable ceiling tiles.

In Latin America and the USA, these standards are usually established by organizations such as ASTM International, UL (Underwriters Laboratories), ANSI (American National Standards Institute), among others.

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